Canadian Travel – 10 Things You Should Experience in Banff, Alberta

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1. Hiking Trails (easy) – there are some amazing trails within walking distance from the town of Banff. Some easy and rewarding hikes are to the Vermillion Lakes, the Marsh trail near the Cave and Basin, and to the Bow Falls. These are fun family hikes and great opportunities to see wildlife.

2. Hiking Trails (moderate) – for these trails a little ascent is required. One of the best and most rewarding is the Tunnel Mountain hike. Follow switch backs for about 30 minutes to reach some amazing views of the town of Banff on one side and the Banff Springs Golf Course and Rundle Mountain on the other. A slightly tougher hike is to the Sulphur Mountain lookout. Allow 45-60 minutes to reach the top. There is a gondola to the top which is great for a lot of people, but for those who are adventurous enough to hike up, the ride down the gondola is free.

3. Hiking Trails (difficult) – one of the more difficult trails out of Banff is to the top of Mount Rundle. Allow a full day for this one which can be quite a grueling slog through dense forests that only gets tougher and tougher the higher you go. Once at the top, however, you quickly realize that it was all worth it as the views are indescribable.

4. A night’s stay at the Rimrock Resort Hotel – if you’re going to do it, you want to do it right. The Rimrock has big rooms filled with all the latest amenities, great facilities like a pool, spa, hot tub and gym. There is also a great selection of restaurants including Eden, a Five Diamond fine dining room (one of only five in Canada) that is renowned for its French cuisine, using local ingredients, and a spectacular selection of wines. The best thing about the Rimrock is that it’s set outside of the town of Banff, perched on the side of Sulphur Mountain, surrounded by nature. You can check out the Sights of Banff tour guide.

5. The best Greek food this side of Greece – Barpa Bill’s Souvlaki is a great little hole-in-the-wall located off the main drag on Bear St. You would never find this place unless someone told you about it. Once there indulge yourself with a souvlaki, Greek salad and the best fries in Alberta all at great prices.

6. Take the historic tour of the Banff Springs Hotel – an entertaining 45 minutes led by hotel historian Dave Moberg who has been at the hotel longer than any other current staff member. Besides Dave Moberg’s passion for the hotel, the highlight is Mount Stephen Hall. This is a great way to get insight and see the hotel especially if you can’t afford to stay in one of their rooms.

7. Try the exotic food at the Grizzly House – this is a Banff landmark situated on Banff Avenue. Famous for its Fondue, the Grizzly House offers everything from steaks and venison to alligator and frogs legs, in a unique setting.

8. Evelyn’s Coffee Shop – there are a few different locations around the town to enjoy Evelyn’s great coffee and freshly baked goods. This is where the locals drink coffee.

9. Coyotes Southwestern Grill – a great place for lunch and home to amazing veggie burgers. It’s a small, cozy place that can get quite busy.

10. Photo along Banff Avenue looking at Cascade Mountain – everyone does it because it really is an amazing sight. Cascade Mountain looks right down on the main street in Banff. No trip to Banff is complete without this photo.

Noal Bram is a freelance writer who travels everywhere. He only submits his work to edgy sources like Canada’s Travel Network


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